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O radha, by offering him every flower and leaf that exists, a person who, with offerings of tulasi-leaves worships lord pills online krsna is not touched by sin as a lotus is not touched by water a home in the midst of a tulasi forest is a sacred pilgrimage place.

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Tulasi leaves cannot be placed even on the lotus feet of radharani or on the lotus feet of the spiritual master.

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If bhoga not mahaprasadam is offered to sakti or jiva-tattvas as naivedyam, tulasi may be placed on the naivedyam, since, being devotees of the lord they always offer the naivedyam to krsna before taking it themselves.

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19 explains the special position of the tulasi plant although there are numerous flowering plants full of transcendental fragrance in the spiritual realm, they are aware that tulasi is given special preference by the lord, who pills online garlands himself with tulasi leaves.

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